Huntly Wynd has a Swim Team!

Photo: Huntly Wynd pool and hot tub
Photo courtesy of Dave (Unit 73)

Well, technically, it’s not a swim team, it’s more of a pool team. The Huntly Wynd community is especially appreciative and proud of the small group of owners who have the training and/or experience required to follow a strict schedule of testing our indoor pool water, twice per day on the weekends! This responsible and reliable team of owners seems to have a way of slipping into the pool area, unnoticed, where they:

  • Ensure that both the chlorine and pH levels are appropriate – this is called keeping a balanced pool.
  • Use small amounts of testing pool chemicals and ensure enough active chlorine is in the water to keep the water free of germs or bacteria.
  • Maintain the important balance between alkalinity and acidity which is addressed by testing for pH. A proper pH is around 7.2 to 7.6 on a pH test kit’s numeric scale. Even 7.2 is considered good and this allows the chlorine to work most efficiently.
  • Make adjustments if either chlorine or pH are significantly off. In most instances, the water is in very good condition and is maintained throughout the week by our pool maintenance folks from Imperial Paddock. Between our weekend owners’ team and the weekday pool maintenance folks, our pool water stays clear, balanced and sanitized.

Our community members are that much healthier and safer because of the Huntly Wynd Pool Team… many thanks to Bob (Unit 77)  who is currently working solo! Thanks also to past team members Garth (Unit 16), Bruce (Unit 88) and Don (Unit 98). Where would we be without you? (Probably very sick and in hospital.)

Question: Do you know what happens if you’re caught peeing in the pool?
Answer: Ur-ine trouble!

Illustration of man belly laughing on the ground - he has one hand on his head, one hand on his belly, and one leg kicked up in the air.Illustration of young lady belly laughing.

Contributed by: Danita – Unit 75 (with input from Bob – Unit 77)

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