Celebrating Carnaval at Huntly Wynd

Bonhomme is the official representative of the Quebec Winter Carnival. It is a snowman-like figure clad in the distinctive red tuque and arrow sash of Quebecois heroes.

Huntly Wynd residents Renée and Jean are passionate about their heritage – something they love to share with their neighbours by hosting a Carnaval Celebration every year in our Clubhouse… complete with authentic French Canadian cuisine, traditional clothing and music!

Did you know that Renée owned and managed a highly-rated restaurant in Toronto? Amongst many other awards and medals, she received the title of Woman of the Century by the Alliance des Femmes de la Francophonie Canadienne (Alliance of Francophone Women of Canada) in 2014 for her many years of volunteer work, at the provincial and national levels, on the development of French language minority education and the promotion of the French language.

And… did you know that Jean is a well-known, highly regarded educational leader and a published author? He is the author of a book on distance education and has published over 30 articles… in addition to giving hundreds of lectures at the provincial, national and international levels on technology and the learning process in the 21st century. Jean is the only person who has been a University President, a College President and a School Superintendent (School District #93 – BC French Provincial School Board) during his career. He is also the perfect sous-chef and entertaining host… isn’t that right, Renée?

We’ve heard nothing but raves about this year’s 5th annual event! Jean and Renée’s generous menu this year included:

  • French Canadian Pea Soup
  • French Cheeses
  • Pâtés Maison
  • Crudités avec trempette à l’ail et herbes fines (Crudités with garlic and fine herbs dip)
  • Hors d’œuvres au Saumon fumé et fromage en crème à l’aneth (Smoked Salmon and Dill Cream Cheese)
  • Canapés au Crabe des neiges (Snow Crab Canapés)
  • Olives assorties farcies (Stuffed Assorted Olives)
  • Noix assorties (Assorted Nuts)
  • Fudge à l’ancienne (Old-fashioned fudge)
  • Sucre à la crème (a traditional sweet from Quebec)

In the words of Ken and Sue (Unit 13):

“Jean and Renée are such gracious hosts who have annually demonstrated the importance and value of traditions here at Huntly Wynd by hosting a Carnaval Celebration. This year’s celebration was well-attended and enjoyed by all. The pea soup, an annual feature of the fare presented, was as delicious as always. Jean and Renée were dressed in their traditional costumes with their matching legitimate French accents. It was a privilege to attend and we hope that they will continue this tradition.

We are fortunate that the designers and builders of Huntly Wynd (Jack & Dave Caplan) had the foresight to build a Clubhouse, in the form of an old Scottish Hunting Lodge, which provides a warm and inviting venue for events such as Carnaval. The Clubhouse was called “Huntly Lodge”. The name Huntly came from Huntly Castle in Scotland and Wynd (as in wined) means a narrow street or lane in Scottish.

Many residents are aware that Huntly Wynd was officially opened forty years ago on June 28, 1977. Carnaval is just one of the traditions that makes living in Huntly Wynd very special.” 
Jean and Renee - hosts of a Carnaval Celebration at Huntly Wynd! Both are dressed in traditional red clothing with arrow sashes around their waists.
Merci, Jean and Renée!
What is the story behind the red sashes worn by Renée and Jean?
Click here to learn more about Carnaval de Quebec and about Bonhomme Carnaval!

Contributed by Danita – Unit 75 (with input from Renée – Unit 94)

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