Halloween at “Hauntly Wynd”!

What a fun Halloween gathering filled with imagination and creativity by all those who attended! We’re not exactly sure which Huntly Wynd residents were actually there, but there were some interesting partygoers like… Elmer Fudd with his gun (yikes), a Rasta couple from Jamaica, a professional cricket player, a Mexican lady dressed in traditional clothing, a heavy metal punk rocker, a witch (of course) and, of all things, a rain cloud!

In what turned out to be a very tight race, a panel of judges presented awards in three categories:

Anca (Unit 20) captured “Best Costume” (black cat)
Danita (Unit 75) was judged the “Scariest Costume” (rain cloud)
Jean (Unit 94) took “Cutest Costume” (Rasta man with dreadlocks)

Thanks to Jean (Unit 94) for coming up with the idea of a Halloween social, and the whole team of residents who helped make the party happen:

Daniel (Unit 49) who translated the invitations into Chinese.
Ernie (Unit 87) who provided the music.
Renee (Unit 94), Jean (Unit 93), Ray (Unit 71), April and Craig (Unit 92), Wayne and Carol (Unit 82) and Don (Unit 98) – who set up, decorated and cleaned up the aftermath!

Renee with dArcy and Rob B

What’s next? A Christmas/Hanukkah celebration, of course, planned for December 8th in the Hauntly… I mean, Huntly Wynd Clubhouse! Save the date and keep your eyes and ears open for the invitation and further details!

Contributed by: Danita – Unit 75

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