Huntly Wynd Celebrates its 40th Anniversary!

An unprecedented number of residents attended this exciting, milestone community event and saw Estelle Caplan – wife of the late Huntly Wynd developer Jack Caplan – join long-time resident Joan (Unit 85) in marking our development’s 40th anniversary by cutting the delicious anniversary cake!

Estelle & Joan Cutting Cake

The cake cutting ceremony was one of many memorable events of the July 8th landmark celebration. More than eighty Huntly Wynd residents came together to celebrate an afternoon/evening of Huntly Wynd memories. The camaraderie, lively conversation and laughter was enjoyed by all as mouth watering aromas wafted around us from several barbecues.

Ken and Harma Laughing

Following a welcome speech delivered by Strata President Louise (Unit 11), Henry (Unit 15) provided some historical tidbits from Huntly Wynd’s past.

Welcome from Louise

Presentation by Henry

Fred (Unit 6) took top honours in the Huntly Wynd trivia quiz created by Joan (Unit 85) and her family. For that, we thank Joan for this creative idea and for donating the beautiful gift basket for the winner. Perhaps you would like to test your own knowledge of Huntly Wynd trivia with this short quiz:

  1. In what year was the clubhouse billiard table made?
  2. On the day of Huntly Wynd’s official opening, how many townhouse units had already been sold?
  3. Huntly Wynd’s developer Jack Caplan was a chain smoker of what brand of cigarettes?
  4. From what location in BC were the rocks that make up the clubhouse fireplace façade trucked in from?
  5. Name the three different townhouse floor plans used in Huntly Wynd.

If you’re stumped, answers to all these questions can be found by reading the September 1977 BC Business magazine article.

The ad-hoc organizing committee was delighted to see such a positive turnout. The only two complaints, stated by many were that the celebration seemed to end too soon (although conversation did not end until 2:00AM the next morning). Others said that we don’t hold social gatherings like this one often enough. As a community, we’ll all have to come together and work on changing that! The photos below attest to the good time had by all and will likely have you looking forward to the next social gathering.

Sincere appreciation goes to all members of the organizing committee who teamed up to coordinate barbecue donations, purchase decorations, order the anniversary cake, deliver invitations, collect RSVPs and arrange for Estelle Caplan’s participation. Committee members included Henry and Angeline (Unit 15), Robert and Lesley (Unit 26), d’Arcy (Unit 55), Ken and Sue (Unit 13), Trudy (Unit 21), Louise (Unit 11), Danita and Rob (Unit 75). And, of course, thanks to Dave (Unit 73) for the photos!

Contributed by: Rob – Unit 75

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