Shaw Rewiring Work – Signup Form

We heard about this work in previous years. Now that it is happening, can someone tell me what this will entail before I sign the form? The various websites showed advantages of this new technology but not what will be done in the house. Will the old wires stapled to 2x4s be taken out, walls ripped out, etc? Will the owners be responsible for clean-up costs?

Contributed by Basia – Unit 62

2 thoughts on “Shaw Rewiring Work – Signup Form”

  1. We are also puzzled by what this is all about.
    We have noted that the previous Council and the property manager have been discussing this issue for the past two years,but we can’t recall that Owners have ever been given any specific information about why this project is being proposed or what it entails or if this will be costly.Until we receive specific details we are not signing anything. Anyone have more information?


    1. I have written right away after it was published to all Council members and property manager what this is all about and to give us an explanation. No response!


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