Explanation of Shaw Re-wiring Project

Council has received the following from Shaw regarding the pending re-wiring project:

“We will be replacing the cable from the electrical closets to the suites. It terminates in the room off of the kitchen (to the best of my knowledge). We do not plan to replace the wiring from their to the various locations cables may run in their units (i.e. living room or bedroom) as we do not have a conduit to and from those locations. More importantly they are typically shorter runs and the cable in place is more than adequate to run all Shaw services over them.

If customers are having service issues after our work is done (i.e. TV reception or wifi range) we would need to arrange individual service calls for them. Many if not all of our cable packages do include a new advanced wifi modem so if an upgrade is needed (depending on what service they have with us) we can certainly upgrade their modem as well. Having said that, there are some old cable/internet packages that do not support our new modems, but we can deal with those situations directly with the customer as they arise.

If they are having these issues now, I highly recommend they call in for tech support sooner than later. Our support is available 24/7 and our service calls are free of charge for our customers. They can call 310-SHAW (7429) or contact us via online chat at http://www.shaw.ca or through the MyShaw App.”

Please note that the above text is posted as it was received from Shaw.

Provided by: d’Arcy – Unit 55

One thought on “Explanation of Shaw Re-wiring Project”

  1. I use Telus Optik which is a wireless system permitting placement of TV sets anywhere in my unit, eg I have one in the kitchen. It works very well. For better or worse I am not going to have Shaw do the upgrade.


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