About my Huntly Wynd Blog

Missing amongst the landscapes and waterscapes that enhance our enviable complex is a Huntly Wynd “water cooler”… like the kind you might find in a corporate office setting. You know, the place where co-workers sometimes gather and discuss current events, personal celebrations and upcoming activities!

Line drawing of a man and woman engaged in a conversation as they stand by the office water cooler.

Well, here it is! Huntly Wynd’s (digital) water cooler! A place where Huntly Wynd neighbours can gather to talk and share – a venue where community members can submit posts regarding whatever they know to be happening in our neighbourhood. Come share thoughts and ideas about our hidden oasis in the heart of Richmond.

All Huntly Wynd residents are invited to post… and neighbours are encouraged to keep a balanced conversation going by adding their reflections on, or responses to, posted items. This water cooler is free of charge and exists for the mutual refreshment of all Huntly Wynd residents. It was installed by your neighbour Rob (Unit 75) who will ensure there is an endless supply of cool fresh water, with plenty of room for people to gather and contribute to the neighbourhood chatter. So, top up your glass and start a new post by sharing whatever’s on your mind that will benefit everyone in the Huntly Wynd community.

One thought on “About my Huntly Wynd Blog”

  1. What a delight and pleasure to read your blog. To make it even more of a pleasure it is not in any way divisive and aims to bring neighbours together. We enjoyed all of the stories and articles and look forward to more.


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