Special Concert – Sunday March 10, 2019

Community Event!
“Sing Shalom!” is a special concert by the Richmond Chorus – to be held at 3 pm, Sunday, March 10, 2019 at the South Arm Community Church (corner of Steveston Hwy and No. 3 Road). The Richmond Chorus is a secular city choir so it is significant that it is devoting a concert to celebrate Jewish music. And that the concert is being held in a Christian church — says good things about the diversity of Richmond and the neighbourly respect we have for each other. Come join us on March 10 at 3 pm! Tickets available online at http://www.roca.ca

Heather (Unit 20)

An Invitation to join the Richmond Orchestra and Chorus!

Good afternoon, new neighbours. I moved into Unit 20 at the end of August and loved my new home right away.

Unfortunately, I am unable to attend the Town Hall meeting this evening. I have met a few of you already but hope to meet more of you in the upcoming months. My unavailability to attend the meeting this evening is due to my commitment to attend a rehearsal of the Richmond Orchestra and Chorus (ROCA). I am a chorus member (Soprano I) — our rehearsals are every Tuesday evening from 7:30 pm to 9:30 pm. It is important to keep this commitment for the sake of excellent choral performance.
If any of you play an instrument or like to sing, let me know — the Orchestra and Chorus are always looking for new members. I’ll drop a brochure into your mailboxes for you to be aware of our upcoming performances in 2018-2019, and our ROCA website.

My best to all of you, and hope to be seeing you around the neighbourhood.

Heather (Kulyk) McDonald (Unit 20)


Huntly Wynd Highlights: The Koi Pond

A Personal Perspective:

There were 10 fish when we moved in a decade ago, and we all enjoyed them through the years.

Our grandkids had to see the fish almost each time they visited. There were a few less in recent couple of years, and we were not sure why. They were replaced by three little ones. I need to inform the kiddies about this virus and can imagine their tears. Sorry to hear all about this virus, but glad to see that the council got to the bottom of the koi ‘disappearance’.

Look at the ducks happily visiting (and probably stealing the koi’s food) in 2014…

HW 1 Koi 2014 from Basia

In 2017, there were still a few big ones.

May 10-17 dinner time

In 2018, Megan was disappointed to see that there were less and less of them.

HW 3 Koi 2014 from Basia

I miss the black spotted one myself. Joan Birks named them all but I forgot since. I know one was “Miss Piggy”!

Thank you, Basia (Unit 62), for sharing your thoughts and terrific photos!

Bittersweet Farewells

Thank you, Lesley (Unit 73) and Sue (Unit 13)… for organizing and hosting a wonderful gathering for our friends and neighbours Lesley and Robert (Unit 26) and George and Marie (Unit 24), who are leaving us for New Brunswick and Agassiz, respectively.  And, thank you, Dave (Unit 73), for the great photos…

1R8A7246 edited        1R8A7282 edited

What a terrific party… filled with lively conversations and funny stories, delicious food and drink, all made even better by both familiar and new faces! How can we have such a happy time while sadly saying goodbye to our long-time friends and neighbours? Who knows… that’s just how we roll around here at Huntly Wynd.

1R8A7250 edited        1R8A7249 edited

We wish Lesley a safe and smooth flight to the east coast, we wish Robert a safe and scenic drive across Canada (and maybe parts of the US), and we wish George and Marie a safe and uncongested drive out to the corn capital of BC, yum!

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Can You Hear the Music?

Did you know?Cartoon drawing of 11 people holding sheet music while singing at choir practice.

We have neighbours who sing with the Vancouver Oratorio Society! Can you figure out who they are?

Go to their website at www.vancouveroratorio.org, look closely at the photos of some of their performances and try to spot the familiar faces amongst the singers!

You can listen to samples of their music at:
Psalm 100 by An-Lun Huang
Praises of Thanksgiving by Chan Wing Wah

Or, even better, go to their next performance on May 27th, 2018 from 7:30pm at Bethany Baptist Church here in Richmond on Westminster Highway… it’s FREE of charge!

Did you notice the live orchestra accompanying them? Wow!

Hope to see you at their next performance!

Ducklings in the Snow!

At the end of February, as you all know, it was a “Winter Wonderland”… especially if you did not have to drive anywhere! We took a walk around the compound taking a few photos, especially of the inside ponds.

Later, as it was getting dark, we were relaxing when Rob calls me to the kitchen. There were ducklings (7 of them) with mama walking across our patio, from our pond to the neighbour’s. We just gawked with surprise, and by the time we could grab our iPad, mama and 7 little ones had disappeared… then the 8th rushed out of the water, and here he (or she) is!

Duckling #8 trying to catch up to her family (on Basia and Rob's back patio)!
Here is duckling #8 trying to catch up to her family (on Basia and Rob’s back patio)!

Did anyone else see them? We think it is a bit early. Will they survive? Don says duck down is very warm, and they will survive (phew!).

Contributed by: Basia – Unit 62

Celebrating Joan Anderson

It is with extreme sadness that we learned the news of long-time Huntly Wynd resident and neighbour Joan Anderson’s passing on March 7th 2018. Joan was admitted to Richmond General Hospital earlier in the week and was expected to be back home in reasonably short order. The following obituary notice was published in the March 9th edition of the Vancouver Sun newspaper. Details regarding Joan’s service are still pending and will be shared with the community as soon as they come available.

“Joan Anderson, January 5, 1927 – March 7, 2018. Grandmother, mother, aunt, sister and beloved friend, Joan passed away at the age of 91. She was predeceased by her parents John and Agnes Stratton, husband Dr. Joseph Anderson and brother Jack. Born and raised in Vancouver, Joan is survived by son Bruce, his wife Amanda, two precious grandsons, Owen and Alex, sister Lois and her husband Bruce, brother Bruce and his wife Pat and numerous nieces, nephews and cousins. Nana lived an active life that revolved around her love of bridge, the opera, the symphony, the Garden Club and the Gateway Theatre – but most of all, Joan loved spending summers at her cottage at Crescent Beach surrounded by family and friends. A memorial service will be held in early April. In lieu of flowers, donations can be made to the St. Paul’s Hospital Foundation.”

Joan with her good friend Helen in December 2017
Joan (on the left) with her good friend Helen in December 2017

Upon receiving the news of her passing, Lesley (Unit 73) shared: “Joan was a lovely lady and fought hard for a long time to stay in her own home.  She will be missed.”

Bob (Unit 77): “She was a generous and kind woman and we would chat and laugh about our golf experiences from the past. I loved seeing her do her regular walks with her care provider assisting when required. She will be missed.”

Harma (Unit 35): “We are very sad to hear of Joan’s passing and join her family and friends in mourning her loss. Joan was one of the early residents of Huntly Wynd with her late husband. She was very active in her motherly role of the Social Committee which contributed a great deal to our community.”

Joan, it is clear you will be sorely missed by your Huntly Wynd neighbours, and by those of us who were fortunate enough to get to know you on a personal level. May God grant peace everlasting for you in your final rest.

Contributed by: Rob – Unit 75