Start of Christmas Season at Huntly Wynd

We came to party hardy in the Clubhouse! And boy, did we ever!

Huntly Wynd residents gathered in the Clubhouse on Friday December 8th to welcome the holiday season. As Ernie (Unit 87), Albert (Unit 59) and others took command of the microphone in an effort to claim the title of the evening’s “Karaoke Crooner”, conversation, laughter and delicious food was abundant. Jean (Unit 94) and George (Unit 24) flogged 50/50 tickets to give everyone a chance at claiming the evening’s cash prize – the lucky ticket being held by Vivian (Unit 87), congratulations Vivian! Dave (Unit 73) captured many wonderful photographs of enthusiastic partygoers…

What a great cheese and fruit plate!

We also joined together to welcome our newest neighbours Mr. Ricky Shun Yiu Fong, his wife Kathy Yuk Fong Chan and their adult children Derek and Christy (Unit 64). We’re pleased they have chosen Huntly Wynd as their new home and delighted that they bravely plunged right into getting to know their fellow neighbours by joining the party that was already in full swing!

“Social gatherings like this present opportunities for us to connect with friends and neighbours we’ve not seen in a while. It’s an opportunity to catch up on important happenings in their lives or to simply get together and talk with one another”, observed Sue (Unit 13), “We need to have this type of gathering more often!” Based on the jovial atmosphere, lively conversations and clinking of glasses that lasted all evening, we believe most would heartily agree. What do you think?

Before closing, we extend a seasonal wish to you and yours from Danita and me…

Whether or not you choose to include the observance of Christmas or Hanukkah in your celebrations at this time of year, whether you decorate a tree or light the candles of the menorah — or neither — the forthcoming holiday season is always a time for giving, for fellowship and for family. We’d like to send each of you our personal best wishes for this time, along with the hope that you will have a wonderful holiday and enjoy the spirit of this season.

Have a great holiday, go easy on the rum and eggnog (unless there’s no viable alternative, of course) and we wish you all the very best of all good things for you and yours in the New Year of 2018.

Contributed by: Rob and Danita (Unit 75)