Is there a piano teacher amongst us?

I’m in search of someone with a piano/music teaching background who might be up for the challenge of working with me to eventually progress from here

to there?

“There” does not necessarily include creating the backing tracks which I’ve included in this audio sample – basic piano lessons with an abundant amount of patience is all that is requested at present.

In time, if you are up for the challenge, we can cut loose on my digital keyboard which offers 196 band and orchestral instruments ranging from piano, electric piano, various harps, mallets, guitars, special percussion, strings, organs, vocal ensembles, reeds, brass, saxophones, clarinets, flutes, synthesizer leads, bass, synthesizer pad, keyboard percussion, percussion instruments and special effects; all with the option of enhancing an arrangement with any one of 17 various drum rhythms. Using any or all of her features and capabilities like the 16 track sequencer, her 32 note polyphony and the vast array of on-board instruments, she is more than capable of challenging the most skilled of musicians. After all, someone created these musical arrangements using her array of instruments and features.

And I’m up for the challenge to do it too if I can find someone to lead the way and help me get started.

Should you be interested in working with a student who is willing to put in the time and is committed to achieving his goals, please use the Contact Us link to respond. And thank you!


Contributed by: Rob – Unit 75