Ducklings in the Snow!

At the end of February, as you all know, it was a “Winter Wonderland”… especially if you did not have to drive anywhere! We took a walk around the compound taking a few photos, especially of the inside ponds.

Later, as it was getting dark, we were relaxing when Rob calls me to the kitchen. There were ducklings (7 of them) with mama walking across our patio, from our pond to the neighbour’s. We just gawked with surprise, and by the time we could grab our iPad, mama and 7 little ones had disappeared… then the 8th rushed out of the water, and here he (or she) is!

Duckling #8 trying to catch up to her family (on Basia and Rob's back patio)!
Here is duckling #8 trying to catch up to her family (on Basia and Rob’s back patio)!

Did anyone else see them? We think it is a bit early. Will they survive? Don says duck down is very warm, and they will survive (phew!).

Contributed by: Basia – Unit 62